• How long will my session last?

    • ~60 minutes

  • What should I wear?

    • Start with what you love and feel comfortable with! Pick something that makes you feel beautiful! If you are comfortable in what you are wearing it will transfer to your photos. Trust me!

    • Just Stay away from big logos or large branding on clothing.

  • Where will my photo session be?

    • Depending on where you live I have several favorite spots where we can take photos. And if you have a place where you would like to go for photos that’s also an option.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    • Yes, I require a flat $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your shoot date. This deposit counts toward your total bill.

  • How do I pay for my session?

    • You will receive an email in your inbox where you can access your invoice and pay online by credit card. Or you can pay by check/cash - just let me know if you plan to do this.

  • What does my payment cover?

    • Your payment covers the session time and digital copies of the photos. Prints, canvases, etc. are ordered a la carte once you receive your final images.

  • How many photographs will I get from my session?

    • The specific number of images for each session will vary. However, think along the lines of 20 photos/hour of photography time.

  • How do I get my photographs afterwards?

    • I create a private online gallery for you to view, download, or order prints from your photo session. The gallery is accessible only to you and those with who you share the password with.

  • How long after my session until I get my photos?

    • I deliver a final gallery to you 3-4 weeks after our session. 

  • Can I print the photos myself?

    • Yes, of course! There are two options for this: 

                     #1.  You are welcome to print any of the photographs yourself with your own digital copy from whatever Photo Print                               Lab you regularly use.


                    #2. I have a quick and simple online print ordering option within your gallery for you, family, or friends to quickly                                    make any print orders and have them shipped to your home.

And as always if you have something you’d like to ask - just ask! I’m here to help. 

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